Daisen Suzuki

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Daisen Suzuki is the Managing Director of MASP with responsibility for the day-to-day operation and setting the strategic direction for the company including project selection and target market strategy.

With over 20 years’ experience in Mitsui, Daisen has held several management positions, such as President & CEO of Car Sharing Japan Ltd. and Vice President of LicenseOnline Ltd. Daisen has been engaged in the role of new business development at Mitsui, especially in the software, cloud and big data business domain.

Daisen holds a BSc in Mathematical Science from Waseda University in Japan.


What they say

Low-Carbon is the big global trend which tends to have several challenges at the same time, especially to prove economic value. By having Mitsui and ARUP’s business expertise, MASP will keep aim to overcome these challenges, enabling a better world and future. Daisen Suzuki,
MASP Managing Director - Board Member,

Cian O’ Donnchadha

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Cian O Donnchadha is the Chief Technology Officer for MASP.  His role involves undertaking business planning and developing business cases around sustainable investments and programmes as well as screening potential projects to determine their technical feasibility and commercial viability. Cian has a passion for working in the low carbon area. Cian has fifteen years’ experience with Arup working on a broad spectrum of developments, from opera theatres to gas distribution networks. Cian combines his management and planning expertise to find innovative solutions to business and engineering problems. Cian also holds an MBA, which allows him to provide clients with expertise in a broad range of business areas and combines this with his engineering experience to provide MASP with valuable technical analysis and strategic advice.

Cian is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer and holds a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Ulster as well as an MBA from University College Dublin.

What they say

The work we undertake in MASP is fundamental in ensuring that all the necessary technical and financial parameters are in place to bring sustainable projects to life. We are determined to ensure our projects make meaningful contributions to the environment and the public. Cian O’ Donnchadha,
Chief Technology Officer,

Murat Basarir

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Murat Basarir is the Business Development Manager in MASP. His primary responsibility is to create innovative business models for low-carbon projects. This entails collaboration with partners in the public and private sectors as well as development of financial models.

He has been involved in establishing UK’s first wireless-charging fully electric bus service and is currently managing operations and growth of the venture.

Prior to MASP he has been involved in various high-profile energy strategy projects, ranging from energy efficiency to renewables. He devised and led a nationwide energy efficiency project that has been acknowledged by various media sources including the BBC and the Economist and has been shown as an exemplary low-carbon initiative by the UK government.

Murat holds a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada and an MPhil in Engineering from Cambridge University, UK.


What they say

Arup and Mitsui are a good fit because both companies have the global scale and the complementary skills to make low-carbon projects happen. MASP has the unique ability to combine technology and financing in a way to bring smart cities to reality. Murat Basarir,
Business Development Manager,

John Miles

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John Miles is a Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge and is the Arup-Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Transitional Energy Strategies at Cambridge University Department of Engineering.

John has particular interests in transport, power generation, and energy storage. Recent projects have included work in the areas of electric vehicles, wireless charging systems, and domestic electricity storage systems. He is currently leading a major project to commission the UK’s first wirelessly-charged electric bus service. Prior to taking up his position at Cambridge, John had been a Group Board director at Arup for 17 years. During that time, he held a variety of global portfolios including the leadership of Arup’s worldwide activities in the fields of Energy, Resources and Industry.

John holds a BSc. in Engineering Science from the University of Durham and a PhD. from Cranfield Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


What they say

The skills and resources of Arup and Mitsui have come together to deliver a unique capability in the area of project origination, management, and delivery. It is a terrific example of how 'thought leadership' can be converted to 'do leadership'. John Miles,

Peter Gist

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Peter is an economist with over 30 years’ experience of applying economics to business and public policy issues.  He joined Arup in 1999 following the acquisition of his international consultancy business. Peter is a Director in Arup Management Consultancy and works closely with colleagues throughout Arup to provide integrated economic, commercial and technical services particularly in the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors. Since joining Arup he has been closely involved with Arup investments in innovation and research activities and with Arup corporate joint ventures.

Peter holds a BA in Economics from University of Warwick,  M.A in Economics from University of Sussex and a PhD in Economics from University of London.


What they say

To achieve the benefits of innovation MASP addresses technical developments as well as the institutional, managerial and financial arrangements to implement them successfully. Attention to this combination of factors is crucial if we are going to achieve benefits for all at city scale and more. Peter Gist,
MASP Board Member ,

Junichi Shibuta

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Jun Shibuta is the General Manager of IT Platform Div. of Mitsui & Co.,  responsible for Mitsui’s ICT business and new industrial IT business, including Smart Cities, Smart Green and Energy IT, Medical and Healthcare IT,  Agriculture IT and next generation mobility projects. Jun is a well-rounded professional leader with M&A, business development, marketing and strategic sales experience in the digital communication and electronics device markets.

Jun holds a BA in Economics from Keio University in Japan and AMP certificate of HBS.

What they say

Jun expects to establish sustainable business maximising expertise of both Mitsui and Arup through MASP in the low carbon business field. Junichi Shibuta,
MASP Board Member,

Minoru Ueda

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Minoru Ueda is the General Manager of Second Business Dept. / IT Platform Div. of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., responsible for creating IT leveraged new business such as IoT, FinTech, Smart city and Industrial IT.

Since joined Mitsui in 1991, he has spent the most of years in IT related business and has been focusing on business development for IoT solution business for recent years.

He holds BSc in mechanical engineering from Keio University in Japan and MBA from Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan.

What they say

ARUP and Mitsui shares the same business philosophy in terms of creating sustainable future. MASP is in the very unique position, which can leverage both companies capabilities and global resources from all necessary aspects to create and deliver sustainable project. Minoru Ueda,
MASP Board Member,

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